the monster

Monsters make marvelous metaphors.

(I was going to say "good" but then it occurred to me that alliteration is in fact the shit.)

I have this other idea, about this goth girl who captures the soul of a monster prince on her cell phone camera . . . we'll see how that goes.


at laaaaast

Man I feel so lacking . . . Everyone's look so good! Ugh, is this just a side effect of looking at my own work too long?


well um

Last night I had this incredible boob moment

I can't even find the words.


even more unfinished

Projects just eats all my time, but here is what I scavenged among the crumbs under the table.


more unfinished

Listen, you do what you have to to keep happy.



so much bitterness

for just one girl


finesse it!

Worked on this for a few hours

Then took a break and did this

I love this design for reasons that confound me but at the same time i know exactly why it wasn't chosen. Anyway my sister got some pastels, sooooooooooooooo cooooooooool, she let me use them.


i'm even almost happy with this

I was just going to do a painting with these two but decided that storyboard class needed a good idea and pumpkins are delicious so I thought it would make a good character.

These are the characters, Vivia and the Pumpkin.


my f(^*&^&$@)@ing scene

I could actually say fuck . . . or I could use funny symbols, I dunno, you choose.


things i regret afterward

I do these things, I don't know why. I weep of exhaustion and agony and yet I never learn my lesson.

Photoshop was being such a douche, it crashed like five or six times. I would email IT but I have a feeling they would just take the computer. ;_;



"You've done a lot of work here but not, um, what you needed to do."



evil that is cute

Doodling in class is good for the nothing.

But I love it the so.


silly putty wip

So if the first one was the "oh how i adore you my ladylove" this is the "alas, i am a lesbian" one.


moar eight pointed flowers
moar refinement in particulars
the words
less silly putty arm



A quick painterly sketchy thingy.

Wip wip wip

Things this needs:

Eight pointed stars.
The words.
Refinement in certain areas (they know who they are).

If you're clever you've already figured me out. :o


some stuff

You might remember this one

Here's how that's coming along

And a new one--oh shit how my hand hurts so very much owowowowow



You know that phenomenon when you are working on a picture and you're like "yah this is great~" and then when you are done and get up to refill the cup of coffeejuice you have been nursing for the last six hours and come back you are like "aaaargh god what was I thinking"?

oh that phenomenon sucks so hard


like a car crash

you look because the wreckage is so fascinating