not too much today

It's been a long time! Oh man!

More of these two. I redesigned her dress to suit the 1930s, I'm thinking 1935 roughly; J'ai Deux Amours was recorded in 1931, did you know that? I always thought it was from the fifties. Anyway, this woman, Adeline Mennier, is from Canada anyway . . . her stage name is something more palatable, like Addie Mann or something. Her daughter, Pauline, is better known as Puff to the stage hands and the band.

Edit with finished product!

The paper tex from CGtextures.com
Just something quick and easy for me to tack on to make it look a little classier. Well I've made my decision and given Puff to DP . . . oh well, I had to do it sometime.

Then of course this crew:

Lol emo loner in the back! Sweetheart also got some ribbon things, I dunno it sort of make her costume more unique? And Edie looking uncharacteristically plain.


oh hurty eyes hurty eyes

You know when you are SOOOOO tired that your eyes are hurty? Yeah, that is now. Celebrate yay etc.


That lady had some crazy hair . . . I was incapable of doing justice to its spikiness.

You know how some people have a "reading face?"

Lol dancing kid. She was hella far away but I had to record her dance for posterity's sake.

More of raincoat child and mother:

I like the nickname "Puff," like just a pet name that her mother came up with? Or maybe her first word? Or like Jigglypuff, lol I don't know. Puff and her mom have a complicated relationship. Before she was born her mom was some sort of dancer who got knocked up . . . I guess she made it bigger as a singer than a dancer, but I think it was more a career choice made out of necessity. Puff might grate on her, especially when she's being a brat. But still they are quite accustomed to each other.

If I had to assign them a story it would probably follow a similar plot line to all those changeling stories, a la Labyrinth or Hat Full of Sky or that one book I read as a kid where there was this ice thing and the pictures were fucking rad. Except Puff is sort of a "straight man" character, and she'd probably be quite fine on her own (despite being five).

End on the Villainous Triad. Lol Xonck got fucking gypped in the setup he's just about hidden.


Busy little bumblebee

Okay okay school stuff to start

Just a bunch of cafe drawings, nothing special. At Macrina nobody would pose interestingly, so I just made up poses. Here they are like in an illustration, I guess?

If I had to make up a story I would say that it would be a rescue story, about the kid trying to save his mom and baby sister with the help of a private investigator and a retired boxing champ.

This other stuff is actually also school work, MAYBE. I think I've decided on my character for junior year. She's a little meringue cookie raincoat child.

That dude is not her dad, by the way, though that is her mother. I just drew him in to see what her dad might look like and lol he is not it.

Her mom is some kind of singer, I guess? She's left on her own a lot and loves her umbrella. I think she's about five or six.

This is what I desperately want to do for junior project:

Ha ha lightning umbrella. Edited with a color sketch!

The main problem is lol two characters, do I want to model rig skin unwrap tex and animate all by myself? Ahahahaha I may in fact die from my ambitions. But I do think it's a very cute story and I'll pitch it to Adam regardless. If not she'll just be dancing around with her umbrella.

So other less school related things--

More of Sweetheart (her technical superhero name) in her more final costume style thingy? And a super terrible drawing of Edie for size comparison, her sidekick is tall. I'm thinking that maybe they have a difference in action styles, with Edie being more free-flowing parkour and Maria L being more masculine power punching shit (although notice how they are always bowlegged, why?) I think I'm going to de-bow her legs for the next round.

And in other news--

Holy crap everyone is dead!

Oh wait that's how the last book ended oh shit

Another design for Chang and Miss T looking different. I'm sure she has another arm, I just didn't draw it.