so much bitterness

for just one girl


finesse it!

Worked on this for a few hours

Then took a break and did this

I love this design for reasons that confound me but at the same time i know exactly why it wasn't chosen. Anyway my sister got some pastels, sooooooooooooooo cooooooooool, she let me use them.


i'm even almost happy with this

I was just going to do a painting with these two but decided that storyboard class needed a good idea and pumpkins are delicious so I thought it would make a good character.

These are the characters, Vivia and the Pumpkin.


my f(^*&^&$@)@ing scene

I could actually say fuck . . . or I could use funny symbols, I dunno, you choose.


things i regret afterward

I do these things, I don't know why. I weep of exhaustion and agony and yet I never learn my lesson.

Photoshop was being such a douche, it crashed like five or six times. I would email IT but I have a feeling they would just take the computer. ;_;