ooh girl

been a minute, posting a wip to prove i am living. Part of my campaign god i am too much of a geek for my own good, someone plz end it for me ok?


the coast was sad and cloudy

More work on sword dude. I've been reading way too much again, so this is not (sadly) evil Jesus, but Eddard Stark of Winterfell of this goddamn book series wtf am I doin omg. Anyway, he is my fave, and that just sucks for me. ;_; Lawful good done right, although still unfortunately pretty stupid.

And some chicks:


another portrait

haha the world has just betrayed this woman ;A;

don't you hate when that happens? also, i saw a woman with this kind of two tone hair in paris, she was like sixty though.


further progress

Same lineart from yesterday, with some color. I've mostly been dicking around today, I'm in no hurry to finish this.


evil jesus

Small part of a work in progress~

My sister was watching me draw over my shoulder and she asked if he was supposed to be evil or Jesus Christ. The answer is neither, but now I want it to be both.



One day, when I was a kid, I found a litter of kittens in my backyard. One of them really stood out as an ideal cat: friendly, with a sweet disposition, never bit or did anything bad, a little sleepy, everyone's favorite.

Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if I had kept that cat.

^the demon I erroneously ended up choosing. whoops.


been another minute

I hope that soon I get into the swing of posting again.



Photostudy and two hour challenges . . . it's been a zillion years since my last update. Wow.



human and cat

It's the only decent thing i've started in weeeeeeeeks. Also, the person seems to read as a boy! I think that's so funny.