You know that phenomenon when you are working on a picture and you're like "yah this is great~" and then when you are done and get up to refill the cup of coffeejuice you have been nursing for the last six hours and come back you are like "aaaargh god what was I thinking"?

oh that phenomenon sucks so hard


like a car crash

you look because the wreckage is so fascinating


from the very bottom of the barrel

Five minute color sketch of my dad :)

I was in Virginia and Montana and felt totally like there was nothing decent to put up. I guess that is unfortunately always the case for me.

There are two projects I want to start on; junior project and my jewelry box.

I got a box for Christmas, a big behemoth wall-hanging monster of a jewelry box and this works out for me because I have a shit ton of jewelry. A shit ton, no exaggeration. But it's just standard black. I thought it needed some help, so I've been decoupaging book pages onto it (Yuki mentioned decoupage at some point in the last year and explained how to do it--good god, I even remembered for this project!) There's a front piece ostensibly for photographs of family/friends/pets/celebrity idols but I suppose I'll come up with some art and make it into a sequential piece.

The junior project I've had a lot of ideas for. One of them I keep coming back to--kind of like one of the short novelty of film sort of things done in 1910~. This may just be a result of reading too much 1880-1916 social drama, which has been the bulk of my reading lately. I swear I'll finish the Wheel of Time. Someday.

Sketches done at the airports in Chicago and DC. The guy on the upper right was an O'Hare employee and basically stood in the exact same position with his glasses on his forehead for an hour, answering all the silly questions of every customer he came across.

These are designs for a new character. The design on her jacket is perhaps some sort of stylized R (her name is "Ranni"). I really like that purse/fanny pack thing she has going on for whatever reason. I can't decide on her protective eyewear, however.

Portrait of a beloved book character, Ann Bradshaw. I think the book actually says her nose is "snub" but whatever, right?