First Real Post

Yeah, so no icon, no layout fanciness or anything yet, but sketches and things. Let's start out with what I'm supposed to be working on, which is a classy 1860s Japanese cable car, if, you know, Tokyo had put in cable cars in the 1860s.

It seats a grand total of nine, including the attendant who takes the money and pulls the cord to make the driver (leading the team of horses, probably three or four on popular lines) stop at all the stops. It doesn't go backwards without switching the lines so a driver who doesn't stop in time for the platform probably won't be a driver for long.

This is what I'm actually drawing more of:

She's a super herooooo! Fuck, I'm such a geek. I think she might be just an excuse to draw foreshortened marvel poses (not pictured). She also has a foil, and it's fun to draw them just pounding each other into concrete.

You can see where the guy, Quick, had a knife or some sort of counterweapon to her bat, plus the chick, Edie, was also a bit taller/he was bit shorter. Edie's design has kind of shrunk since the initial drawing (also a bit skinnier). I think the refined drawing doesn't show off her left hand as the initial where I think it was, I dunno, prettier? But at least her right arm isn't (as) broken. The foreshortening on her raised foot isn't as pronounced and it looks . . . too small? Not forward enough. And sadly, like a lot of my refined stuff, it looks awkwardly stiffer than the original doodle.

This is the first time I've had to consider how the damn wig she wears stays on. And to end:

(I haven't read this book in ages, but I just found out there's a sequel, a real sequel and not this misleading volume 2/the 800 page original got split up by the still-hopeful publishers shit. I don't remember if Chang has the hat or if Svenson actually wears a pince-nez, but these are the images that stuck in my head when I imagine this book. All I seriously remember is that Miss Temple rocks the sausage curls and they spend all their time together arguing about what to do next. Oh god steampunk.)

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