why am i doing this

Wooooooooooooo give it up for Eyes Like Night!!!!

Shooting the old man/cat was a bitch and her dog to do and plus someone was getting super fucking snippy.

Okay real supposed-to-be working shit:

And as usual the doodles I do in class while watching youtube videos of crazy people instead classwork in class:

I haven't really posted anything of this woman being ridiculous. Also featured: her normal boring life as a waitress.

I watched all of Pohadka o Honzikovi a Marence, and while I don't necessarily need to understand what they are saying (and also I thought Honzikovi was a silent character until he started chewing out the fairy people.) And while I don't know how to say Marence's name I do know how to say Honzikovi because Marence screams it several times with echo. I don't know how badly I want to see the Krabat tale. I hear it's supposed to be like Harry Potter except Dumbledore is Satan.

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