Not much going on! Plus I can never seem to dedicate any time to scanning or anything.

Exalted is going along fine! My necrosurgeon has her finalized design at last. The one problem is that her imagination is much better than mine and I don't always have a plan for every dead body I meet. Anyway, here is a drawing:

She even has a little backstory, I think. So far, I think that she used to be a kindly nurse/nun thing that worked in an orphan hospital until her pseudodeath, at the hands of an older charge (say fourteen or fifteen), who managed to push her down a well. Clearly there is a little more, especially regarding the transition from sweet caregiver to merciless Deathknight and necrotechnician.

Also, a little paint doodle of Sweetheart.


  1. Really like your Exalted character. Awesome costume design!

  2. I agreed with everyone, this stuff is sweet.