three hours of my life have GOONNNEEE

I spent an obscene amount of time in a government facility waiting for my turn to be told that I was not in possession of all the necessary information please have a booklet containing the information YOU needed when you WALKED IN but whatever good luck next time. I felt like this dude:

There were all sorts of people who brought their children who were bored the fuck out of their skulls; in order for their little child muscles to escape the atrophy that sets in if any kid under six holds still for more than fifteen minutes, they had to set up loud, obnoxious games of tag in the waiting area while their mothers complained in Spanish.

Needless to say, the younger ladies were not pleased.

The old dude in front of me did not care.

The good news is that afterward I got to go to B & N and there was this badass Arthur Rackham dover book, badass I say, and I noticed that he really likes the ladies with the off-the-shoulder nightie going. Doodled similar in the Starbucks fancy pants restaurant (fuuuuuck spinach and feta pretzel who the fuck is in charge of this brilliance omg and etc.)

Looks like something Peter Pan like.

Then some older stuff: my character for Exalted, Guiding Hand of the Risen Dead. Risen for short. She's a crazed scientist with a serious fascination with the human body.

Aaaaaand some other characters. Let's not talk about it.

There is something really hard to pinpoint about why I think this is a weird drawing but whatever.

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