Busy little bumblebee

Okay okay school stuff to start

Just a bunch of cafe drawings, nothing special. At Macrina nobody would pose interestingly, so I just made up poses. Here they are like in an illustration, I guess?

If I had to make up a story I would say that it would be a rescue story, about the kid trying to save his mom and baby sister with the help of a private investigator and a retired boxing champ.

This other stuff is actually also school work, MAYBE. I think I've decided on my character for junior year. She's a little meringue cookie raincoat child.

That dude is not her dad, by the way, though that is her mother. I just drew him in to see what her dad might look like and lol he is not it.

Her mom is some kind of singer, I guess? She's left on her own a lot and loves her umbrella. I think she's about five or six.

This is what I desperately want to do for junior project:

Ha ha lightning umbrella. Edited with a color sketch!

The main problem is lol two characters, do I want to model rig skin unwrap tex and animate all by myself? Ahahahaha I may in fact die from my ambitions. But I do think it's a very cute story and I'll pitch it to Adam regardless. If not she'll just be dancing around with her umbrella.

So other less school related things--

More of Sweetheart (her technical superhero name) in her more final costume style thingy? And a super terrible drawing of Edie for size comparison, her sidekick is tall. I'm thinking that maybe they have a difference in action styles, with Edie being more free-flowing parkour and Maria L being more masculine power punching shit (although notice how they are always bowlegged, why?) I think I'm going to de-bow her legs for the next round.

And in other news--

Holy crap everyone is dead!

Oh wait that's how the last book ended oh shit

Another design for Chang and Miss T looking different. I'm sure she has another arm, I just didn't draw it.


  1. Wow kellen those are some amazing sketches. I am totally in love with your super hero!

  2. Little raincoat girl is adorable. The scenario with the lightning umbrella reminds me of My Neighbor Totoro.