not too much today

It's been a long time! Oh man!

More of these two. I redesigned her dress to suit the 1930s, I'm thinking 1935 roughly; J'ai Deux Amours was recorded in 1931, did you know that? I always thought it was from the fifties. Anyway, this woman, Adeline Mennier, is from Canada anyway . . . her stage name is something more palatable, like Addie Mann or something. Her daughter, Pauline, is better known as Puff to the stage hands and the band.

Edit with finished product!

The paper tex from CGtextures.com
Just something quick and easy for me to tack on to make it look a little classier. Well I've made my decision and given Puff to DP . . . oh well, I had to do it sometime.

Then of course this crew:

Lol emo loner in the back! Sweetheart also got some ribbon things, I dunno it sort of make her costume more unique? And Edie looking uncharacteristically plain.

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