oh hurty eyes hurty eyes

You know when you are SOOOOO tired that your eyes are hurty? Yeah, that is now. Celebrate yay etc.


That lady had some crazy hair . . . I was incapable of doing justice to its spikiness.

You know how some people have a "reading face?"

Lol dancing kid. She was hella far away but I had to record her dance for posterity's sake.

More of raincoat child and mother:

I like the nickname "Puff," like just a pet name that her mother came up with? Or maybe her first word? Or like Jigglypuff, lol I don't know. Puff and her mom have a complicated relationship. Before she was born her mom was some sort of dancer who got knocked up . . . I guess she made it bigger as a singer than a dancer, but I think it was more a career choice made out of necessity. Puff might grate on her, especially when she's being a brat. But still they are quite accustomed to each other.

If I had to assign them a story it would probably follow a similar plot line to all those changeling stories, a la Labyrinth or Hat Full of Sky or that one book I read as a kid where there was this ice thing and the pictures were fucking rad. Except Puff is sort of a "straight man" character, and she'd probably be quite fine on her own (despite being five).

End on the Villainous Triad. Lol Xonck got fucking gypped in the setup he's just about hidden.

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