forever break!

Lol no post until now? What? I guess no scanner and no finished digital art; I'd feel better about putting up digital sketches if they weren't so rough, I guess. No school stuff at all! Wow!

This is what I'm working on now, just a fun pink portrait of a super hero sidekick.

One day there will be something behind her and in that gaping empty headspace like a graphic or words or a texture or something. I love pink so much I swear I never made it past 7-year-old mentality. Oh Lisa Frank I never stopped loving you.

Um, also some gypsy-types (not really but they look the stereotype, don't they?)

At some point I got sick of looking at it and gave up. Lol. I look at it now, however, and realize while his teeth are all individual hers are two white lines and a shadow . . . imagine that.

Last one of some little goblin. She lives in a room full of windows and is paid to find people + things, as well as witness ceremonies that other goblins want to be binding. Her name is Watcher. Honestly the best thing about her is the room full of windows, not featured in this clip.

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