Lalalala break

At some point I'll even clear out this mess and find my mouse . . . incidentally, if any one at the House of Fong happens to come across a pink USB mouse, please hold on to it for me or place it on a shelf or something. I need it to do 3D things.

Just work in progress stuff for now, since there is no school work! Yaaaay~! (or not yay, I can't ever finish anything anyway.)

(Also: fuck, I'm becoming a character artist. Fuck. Fuck!)

Why green hair . . . ? I guess for the fun of it . . . ? Also, embarrassing slow workflow revealed. It's supposed to be a tarot card she's holding, and eventually it might even become The Fool. I'm pretty sure she goes with the interpretation that the Major Arcana is the journey of the Fool to, um, enlightenment. Also, I have a feeling that this is another color-retarded character. I will resist the urge next time and do a perfectly color-coordinated classy male figure; unfortunately he'll probably lavender or robin egg blue coordinated, the rate I'm going.

They're supposed to be twins who grew up to be opposites but still like the same things (symbolized by the red? I dunno, I just like that color a lot.) Again, embarrassing workflow revealed! One day, these blobs of color will in fact become people!

I find when I paint stuff randomly a story sort of assigns itself to the picture anyway.


  1. I like your colors soooo much. I want to eat them. For breakfast. Every day.

  2. that clown guy looks creepy and his legs add to that